Cute Limited Edition Skelanimals Hellboy Plush Is A Must Have!

What do Hellboy and a skeleton have in common? (apart from the logical reason of death and hell), well there seems to be a new connection formed between the Skelanimals and our hero Hellboy and this fact is very much evident from the Skelanimals Hellboy Plush toy.

Hellboy plushThis cute and super cool version of the Hellboy is a limited edition make and only 1,000 of such cute goodies will be available in both heaven and hell, also if you really want to lay your hands on any one of these then you better book a ticket to this year’s San Diego Comic Con where it will be only sold at the Toynami Booth at $40.00 a piece, so you better make sure that you are one of the first 1000 contenders waiting in the line for a grab.

The cute plush features a cool skeleton face in place of the original while also giving it a more teddy bear kinda look, it also features a warm heart on the chest of the figure. If you are a true Hellboy fan then you should also like the BPRD lighter or the Hellboy 6-inch Mez-Itz vinyl toy.

Via: Albotas