How To Make a Micro Sim Card for Your iPhone 4

If you are thinking of getting an iPad or a iPhone 4 then one thing that you must know is that even though these are being sold unlocked, these will work only on the insertion of the micro SIM card and the good news is that you only can make a micro SIM card on your own.


Confused thinking how a micro SIM card would look? You have seen the conventional SIM cards and so, identifying a micro SIM card is not difficult. The size of a normal SIM card is 15 x 25mm and a micro SIM card measures 12 x 15mm. That sounds too small to be a SIM card but the functions it delivers are just the same.

micro-SIM 2

The micro SIM card actually is the contact area of the normal SIM card. If you have noticed it carefully then you can see that the use of the rest parts of the SIM card is of no use and it’s the contact area that makes it work. So, that contact area is only used in the entire micro SIM card.

micro-SIM 3

This new formula of the Apple truly deserves appreciation. They, at least has cut down the excessive parts of the SIM card and are utilizing the necessary portion only of a SIM card. However, some are upset too with Apple as this new concept have forced people buying the iPad or the iPhone 4 to buy the new micro SIM cards as well.

micro-SIM 4

The relieving news for the users of these two Apple products is that they will now not have to think about buying another SIM card. Making a micro SIM card out of the currently used SIM card is just a matter of a little handwork. The only thing that one will need for that is a pair of scissors and yes, a steady and straight hand because if your hand shakes or your lines are not straight then your work will not be done. Dong it is just very easy but the person doing it will have to take one little risk. The risky factor is that the Future Publishing Limited has only provided the information and no demo or representation has been made.

According to the instructions, the individual will need to make a measurement of the metal area, i.e., the contact area only and then will have to begin the trimming job. Once the metal is cut out, the micro SIM card is ready and good to be inserted in the new iPad or iPhone 4!!

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