KYOTO – the Japanese Salt and Pepper Dispensers

Not everyone among us give any importance to the salt or pepper dispensers that we often use to add some flavor to our mundane dishes. If you too think that such dispensers are all about shaking them to get the measured portions of salt or pepper to achieve the desired taste, think again. Kyoto – the Japanese salt and pepper dispensers are here to add some style to the way you dine.


Inspired by the traditional Japanese salt dispensers, these dispensers designed by Sébastien Maleville are made of ceramic and have a cork at one end.


You will need to open the cork to refill the dispensers before use. Available in black and white colors, these salt or pepper dispensers are sure to give a new meaning to kitchen art. Though the Kyoto doesn’t come with flashy designs or motifs, its minimalist build has its own attraction.


So, get a pair of Kyoto for yourself or gift it to someone you love. You can also take a look at the Tetris salt and pepper shaker set and 16 Salt and Pepper Shaker designs for some other innovative kitchen gadget ideas.