How Are Tetris Bricks Made…in Lego

Have you ever wondered where exactly all those Tetris blocks come from? I mean there appears to be an infinite supply of blocks considering that players have managed to play for hours on end without ever running out, and this lego creation gives us a theory as to how tetris bricks are made…and it isn’t pretty, either.

If the lego representation is any indication, Tetris bricks are made by slicing up aliens that look like they came straight from Space Invaders piece by piece. There must be plenty of them to go around too, because I think the one featured in the picture probably wouldn’t even last long enough to keep you going for one session of playing. Of course you also need a fully equipped and trained lego man team to keep these bricks coming, so the expenses add up, too.

Humorous jabs aside, I have to admit that this lego representation is clever, and I’ll be honest I never thought about or cared where Tetris blocks came from or what source material was used in their creation before I saw this. All I knew is that they came down way too fast for their own good, and that I enjoy a good Tetris stomping with friends on occasion by filling their screen with garbage-brick goodness. Still, looking at the picture again, maybe I never wanted to know where those Tetris bricks came from anyway.

Tetris has served as inspiration for a number of other artists as well. There have been a whole slew of Tetris Table interpretations, and more are coming every day. We’ve also seen plenty of people who apparently like to have Tetris themed cakes for their celebrations. They may be made of aliens, but they taste damn good.

Alex Heylar Via: The Daily What (I love this site!)