JouleS: Your Robotic Bicycle Partner

Whether you are interested in electronics and robotics or not, JouleS can hold you mesmerized for a few seconds, if not more.

If you are wondering who JouleS is, it’s a robot that can act as your bicycle partner. It was a challenge to build a robot that can push bicycle pedals like a person and thus came JouleS into existence! So, if you think that it’s another robot that will sit motionless and ride pillion, you are surely in for a surprise when you find it actually pushing the pedals just like a human being does.

Though it may not be practical to ride with this robot sitting on your cycle’s back seat, this funny kinetic design show how engineering and craftsmanship can get blended during certain creative pursuits. Kids and older people – both are likely to understand how creating such real things can be a great way to give flight to your imagination and blend real life functionality, all at the same time.

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Rainy Island Via: Boing Boing and Make