Enterbays Bruce Lee Statue For His Fans

As the 70th birthday of the martial-arts hero and movie celebrity of all time, Bruce Lee is approaching, his fans and admirers are seen getting indulged in a unique celebration of the great day and it is the immense love of people for him only that Enterbay has been inspired to create a real like 1/4 scale HD Bruce Lee figure.

Bruce Lee Figure

The very look of the figure has been molded in his world famous fighting pose that he was seen delivering in his best movie ever “Enter The Dragon”. The world will be celebrating the birthday of this action hero cum martial arts fighter on 27th of November and just 2 months before that, i.e., in the month of September, this true-to-life Bruce Lee figure will be out in the market. But the good or bad news, whatever the way you take it, is that this figure is currently available for pre-order and such huge orders have been placed for it in many places that it is already out of stock. If you are a true admirer of Bruce Lee then the best thing will be to place your pre-order now only that can be booked at Enterbay for $170 only.

Bruce Lee Figure Enterbays

Great work done by the Enterbay people that decided to mold the figure of Bruce Lee based on his best movie, his directorial debut “Enter the Dragon.” It is this movie that showed Bruce Lee in his best with his every fighting skill and brilliant direction executed in the best ever way. As through every fight scene his postures gained a wider exposure in this movie, the demand for his posters of the movie was on high. But now no need to simply get satisfied with the posters and sticking them on the walls. Fans can now buy the real like figure of Bruce Lee standing in his famous pose!!

Bruce Lee Statue

The journey for the creation of this figure was not so easy and Enterbay had to take up real pain while making it. As a first step, in order to make the figure look exactly that of the movie with that same background, they arranged the premium photo album that includes the photos of Bruce Lee taken in Italy while he was there for the shooting of the movie.

Enterbays Bruce Lee Figure

This album helped them in reaching all such places that had been personally visited by Bruce Lee and then they projected the figure in that place to give it a real touch. This is truly the best instance of respect and tribute for the great hero of all time by Enterbay.

Enterbays Bruce Lee Figure

Earlier Bruce Lee Dolls brought The Kung Fu Hero Back To Life and Bruce Lee Bobblehead were created for his fans and now the Statue gives an ultimate tribute to him.

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