Create Your Own iPad Arcade: A DIY Guide

I know what you’re thinking: We have featured an iPad Arcade Machine here at Walyou already. Old news, right? Well not so fast there, honcho, this 6 minute video DIY iPad Arcade shows us exactly why such an arcade is feasible and how just about any iPad owner can bring the “real” arcade experience to your household.

ipad arcade kit diy project image

As you can see, there really isn’t all that much to the construction. The controls utilize a Wiimote and a Hori Stick along with an emulator (PsX) to provide the experience. The case itself is created out of wood and was custom made to suit the design. Along that vein, the original creator has also stated that he’s looking to get the arcade piece mass produces or sell a kit that would allow anyone to dock their iPad and setup an arcade of their own. Something along the lines of pre-drilled pre-cut pieces and fasteners so that it would ship easily but also be simple to put together. Definitely an IKEA line of thinking, but I bet it would work.  That would be good news for those of us out there who aren’t exactly carpenters..or in my case don’t have any handiman skills at all, really.

If you’re wondering what games you can play with the piece, well the sky is the limit. By sky, of course, I mean it depends upon what the iPad can handle. The demo in the video shows us a sleek way to play robotron, and it does a good job of displaying just how responsive the controls are. Even Street Fighter is still an option, although the guy in the video tells us that it runs “really slow,” something I think may ruin the experience. The arcade does come with a pico projector as well, which means that you won’t need to have all of your friends hunched over your shoulder while you’re playing.

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Via: CrunchGear