Save and Erase with the USB inspired by Alzheimer’s!

Ever heard of USB that helps save our important stuff also have an eraser attached to it? New Zealanders came up with an idea of showing their support for the Alzheimer’s disease with through their latest USB.

Memories play an important role in everyone’s life and who better to know this, than people who have lost them at different stages in life. So to raise awareness about the disease’s early sign like memory loss and the struggle the people with the Alzheimer’s have to go through, the masterminds in New Zealand have utilized the miracles of technology and came up with an innovative concept for promoting a USB.

‘Alzheimer’s erasers your memories. Save them’, a catch line that is hard to miss, is printed on top of the product that doubles up as an actual eraser which is hollowed to fit in a USB memory stick. This eraser / USB has the Alzheimer’s New Zealand logo and website information on the reverse of the product, so that anyone who wants to know more about the disease and how to support, can do so by browsing through their site.

So all those people who want to make a statement and yet, get a user friendly device for all their everyday requirement of saving important information, Alzheimer’s New Zealand product is definitely what, one should go for.

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Via : Ads of the World