If Simplicity is Appealing then this Lighter is Hot Flame

People who have often tried to kick the nasty habit of smoking, has found it very difficult to do so. Making an excuse every time they light a smoke has become a part of their lives. So for people who want to call it quits with their cigarette butt, there is a bad news because things just got more difficult.

The one thing that compels a smoker to light a cigarette, besides the cigarette itself, is the presence of a cigarette lighter. Nothing seems more inviting to a smoker than a fancy lighter. French designer Alex Vidal has sensed this weakness and contrived a lighter so inviting that people who are desperately trying to kiss smoking goodbye, might have to rethink their decision.

Flame, as this lighter is aptly called, is the new invention by Vidal and it is designed keeping simplicity and functionality in mind. On appearance this simple looking lighter seems ordinary, but the clean cuts and fine edges along with classic design grow on you steadily making you reach for it more often. With the sexy looks, Flame looks more like a compact external hard-drive than a lighter. The smooth, mildly colored silver casing with a sharp contrasting brown lid, make Flame a great looker.

One major problem often faced with a lighter is its inability to light-up at the right moment. Often fiddling with the lever, which enflames the lighter, tests the patience of many people. With Flame this problem seems like history. With just a flick of your finger, the lighter comes to life. All you really need to do is flick the brown lid up and the lighter is ready to do its work and all this without the fussing around.

Though the market is flooded with many shapes, sizes and kinds of lighters, what makes Flame stand out amongst the crowd is simple; its no-nonsense functionality combined with effortless style.

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