Mini Metal Version of Star Wars Ships

As far the passion for toys go, even though you might have passed your childhood, an awesome collection of toys from your favorite movies or the cute little miniatures that you glance in stores just make you crave to have those, or make you wish you were a child once again. For instance, when I glanced at some of the Star Wars’ vehicles, precisely detailed to match the movie flicks, one of the hottest attraction for kids this month, it seemed just irresistible to own one.
Mini Metal Version of Star War Ships 3

If you seek out for quality in toys for your kid, this one is surely bound to live up to your expectations, with its minutely detailed designs, I am sure just the display would win all your attention itself. Well, but Star Wars vehicles is all set to give some extra benefits, letting you enjoy a detailed magazine you can acquire with every vehicle you get!

Mini Metal Version of Star War Ships

Well, this magazine can be very handy, for you could literally enjoy the facts of the ship, something you wouldn’t have come across in the movie also, or adore the wonderful breath-taking pictures and illustrations of the vehicle.  You can pour out the information in front of your friends, for surely they might too not know the facts, and enjoy the attention!

Mini Metal Version of Star War Ships 2

You want to enjoy the galaxy world more, check out the Fusion of Star Wars with Pixar and Star Trek Limited Edition Uno Cards. And for all this fun, you don’t need to shell out all your savings, for this awesome toy is available for just $19.99. The ship is covered in a beautiful display case of size 4.625″ x 3.5″ x 3.375″, and the combo of the ship with the magazine is widely known as Star Wars Mini Collector Vehicles.