Manage Multiple WordPress Blog Accounts Together with ManageWP

If you have multiple WordPress Blogs running and would like one combined dashboard to run them all, then you would be happy to hear there is finally a solution for that…thanks to ManageWP.

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The Blogging World has grown so much that not only do most people have a Blog but most likely they have a few individual Blogs running simultaneously. It is always fun to have a Blog, yet having multiple WordPress sites could be difficult to manage (or at least a hassle). That is where ManageWP comes in.

ManageWP, created by Vladimir Prelovac, was just released to Beta, and it should make a lot of WordPress bloggers really excited. This new solution simply combines your different WordPress Blogs into one common dashboard, so you could manage the different needs in one spot…instead of logging separately to each.

manage wordpress blogs with managewp dashboard

The central ManageWP dashboard allows you to:

– Write Individual posts to any of the Blogs you added
– Create categories for each of the Blogs
– Upload new themes and plugins
– Manage the different sites’ comments
– and more…

There additional features that ManageWP provides, yet the one true advantage is to get rid of the headache of having to juggle between your different WordPress sites.

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ManageWP is currently in its Beta stage, so there may be some bugs. Still, based on their ongoing development forum, this new service is providing good use and receiving extremely positive feedback.

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managewp one wordpress dashboard for several sites