The Humidifying Droid You’re Looking For

The arid climate of Tatooine probably didn’t do our favorite droid many favors, but  Japanese company Taito has created a USB powered humidifier that can ease dry skin, dry throats and runny noses.  Heck, even if you end up on the icy planet Hoth you might need to keep this little guy with you. Whether it’s hot dry air or cold dry air that you’re trying to beat, this desktop humidifier will stay by your side.  It may not make the same statement that draping your apartment building in a R2D2 costume makes, but it’s close.

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fanatic to realize the ultimate coolness of this device.  A USB humidifier is almost cool enough on its own.  It just so happens that this one looks like a mini R2D2.  If you’re looking for a way to stay relaxed and avoid the damaging effects of dry air this is the droid you’re looking for.   C3PO isn’t the only one that can team up with this little guy.

USB powered R2D2 Humidifier

Standing several inches tall and made of plastic each puff of humidified air makes it look like R2D2 has finally lost his temper with C3PO and is finally blowing off a little steam.

The unit holds about eight ounces of water.  After plugging the unit in t your USB port you can expect R2 to humidify within about 30 minutes.  Don’t try and get in this little guy’s way, though, there’s no immediate shut-off and unscrewing the dome while he’s letting off some steam can damage the heater element.  On the bright side, it’s way cooler than having a bottle of lotion sitting beside your computer.  On the dark(er) side R2 doesn’t have much of a range, so don’t expect him to humidify the whole office or house.

R2D2 USB Humidifier

The mini R2D2 humidifier can be filled by lifting the R2 unit’s hood and filling with water.  Piezoelectric technology provides a nice, cooling mist that will help you stick to your Jedi training without suffering from climate-induced health problems.  Don’t expect the adorable tweets and whisles from this little guy – but on the bright side he won’t get you into trouble, either.  Although, if you want to go for the darkside, you might take a glance back at Walyou’s review of the Heinekn R2 Sculpture posted a while back.

Imported from Japan this droid is fully licensed as a Lucasfilm Collectable.  Shipping is slated to begin in November, and cost is only $19.99.