Now Become Flash In A Flash With This Awesome Flash Mask!

I’m sure we all do remember Flash, the superhero who moves with the speed of Light and who can definitely beat Usain Bolt without any effort, Don’t we? Well, now you stand a chance to become your favorite hero Flash Whenever you want to, with this amazing Flash Mask!Flash_Mask

The Flash Mask is obviously Red in color, along with its traditional yellow colored antennas emerging from the sides. It is easy to put on; easy to remove and one can easily breathe after wearing it. This enticing Flash Mask is quite unique in style and would definitely top your ‘To Be’ wish-list when it comes to your costume parties and Flashy Halloweens; or just wear it wherever whenever you feel like. The only con about this is that it’s one-size fitting all adults, so you need to get a bigger head if you want it to fit perfectly otherwise it’s a bit loose and you can grab this one by shelling out $25!

Flash_Mask 2
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