16 Epic Lego Weapons

Lego has entertained children (and adults) for many decades, but with ongoing years, individuals are becoming a lot more creative and prove that Lego may not have any boundaries. As we can see in the collection below, many have created awesome Lego Weapons which present amazing art and some are even functional.

It seems that although Lego is a toy, it could also be used in ways to create dangerous weapons, so artists must still remain responsible. Until then, have a look below, or take a glimpse at the creative Steampunk Weapons or bizarre Lego Torture Devices.

Metal Gear Solid Lego Gun

metal gear solid gun from lego weapons

Even Solid Snake himself would appreciate the detail and result of this Lego Metal Gear Solid Gun which also comes with a ‘silencer’ and is just stunning.

Personal Defense Weapon

personal defense weapon lego weapons

The Personal Defense Weapon by Rogue Knight is not yet named and is a fictional Lego weapon created out of magination alone. It still consists of an ambidextrous safety and cocking mechanism.

EM-14 Badger PDW

em-14 badger energy pdw lego weapon

An amazing creation from Catsy which was created within a 24-hour session. It is a fully automatic energy PDW, shown with collapsible stock, reflex sight, tactical display and accepts Class “E” STANAG microcells.

Lego Crossbow

lego crossbow lego weapons

Xubor presented this amazing Lego Crossbow that is also functional. It shoots Lego bricks only, but it doesn’t mean it is not a tad dangerous.

Medieval Lego Weapons

Mace and Sword

lego mace lego weapons

lego mace lego weapons 1

Buried Bricks presents an old Medieval Mace and Sword created out of Lego which looks real enough and could be really painful if used.

lego sword lego weapons

Lego Sword and Axe

lego axe lego weapons

A few additional Medieval replicas from Demon Hunter using the good old colorful bricks.

lego sword lego weapons 1

Fully Automatic Lego Gun

fully automatic lego gun weapon

Some individuals want the functionality to be seen with Legos, so those Lego weapons become a true weapon. This specific Fully Automatic Lego gun is created out of the ‘Forbidden Lego” book which includes some dangerous Lego creations.

Final Fantasy Tiny Bees and Sword

final fantasy tiny bees lego weapons

Final Fantasy weapons were also made out of Lego by Blue Star, as we see the Tiny Bees Yuna has used and Paine’s Sword as well.

final fantasy paine sword lego weapons

Various Lego Gun Replicas

lego gun replicas 1

lego gun replicas 2

lego gun replicas 3

The following are detailed Lego Gun replicas which look dangerous but won’t shoot any bricks and therefor aren’t as dangerous as some would fear.

lego gun replicas 4
lego gun replicas 5
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