Marshmallows Shooters are here: Paint Ball Guns – Passé !

Good news for all those who enjoy a session of paint ball but secretly wished there was something less painful when you get hit, the Marshmallow Shooter is here and how!

Easy to fire and reload, this Marshmallow Shooter shoots foam pellets also called as mini marshmallows, as its bullet shapes were inspired by the sugary treat, is capable of rapid fires. This shooter can hold up to 20 marshmallows and can shoot the confection over 30 feet as opposed to an earlier model of Marshmallow Mforcer Semi-Automatic Pistol that could hold up to 15 pellets.

This arsenal of a kind is a winner of Creative Child Magazine 2004 seal of excellence. So be it a fun outing with friends or for office games or mock warfare, you can be rest assured that your love for shooting games will not have a sore end. The box however has a warning on it that says, ‘Do not eat marshmallows after shooting’, a piece of informative warning for all marshmallow lovers who may think these tiny pellets are actually edible marshmallows.

So at $19.99 this ammo is definitely a steal and a great gifting idea even for your kids, knowing well that this toy isn’t something that will cause them harm, making it an excellent geeky toy!

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