Super RC Amphibian Tank: The Coolest Way to Harass Your Pets

It used to be that RC cars were the best way to terrorize pets, siblings and passers-by.  The Rechargeable Super RC Land and Sea Amphibian Battle Tank provides the versatility you need to harass just about any thing or anyone who crosses your path.  

Super RC Amphibian Tank

It’s one thing to have a RC car – and a completely different thing to have an RC “Tank” that turns into an amphibious vehicle.  This unique RC Tank can transform into an RC ship in seconds.   And if simply chasing your chosen victim isn’t sufficient, the cannon mounted on the top of this RC Amphibian Tank can shoot Air Soft BBs almost twenty meters (aka almost sixty feet).   The Super RC even comes with 200 rounds of ammo to get you started.   You may have to work on your aim a little bit – but, heck, isn’t that part of the fun?

Outfitted with 4×4 all-terrain wheels this little sucker is fast and furious in any direction on any terrain – the wheels also add an additional level of coolness.  This is the RC car every GI Joe has dreamed of.

The Rechareable RC Tank at Sea

Need to conduct a night operation?  No sweat, LED lights are standard.  Need to conduct a beer-can delivery/retrieval operation?  This guy also comes with space for four cans of frosty refreshment (at least in tank mode).  The conversion from land to sea is quick and easy, completed via wireless remote – and believe it or not, this thing turns on a dime.

The tank is listed as being 235 mm long (10 inches), 158 mm tall (6 inches) and 215 mm wide (8.5) – you’ll need a 9-volt battery for the control and some frosty brews to utilize the cup-holder space… but other than that all systems are a go.  This little harassment device may not be ideal for young children – but if you need a little device to liven up your next beach party (and want to shoot your friends in the shins with Air Soft BBs) then this is an absolute essential. In the end, it is a great toy that is only $59.99.

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