Batman Batpod brought to life as custom made PS Pod

Like the rest of us Pankaj Shah, watched The Dark Knight and loved all the action and suspense. Unlike the rest of us though Pankaj decided he just had to own the Batpod. Putting considerable money where he’s bat cowl should be he commissioned a replica of the awesome two wheeled Batpod Bike, which he would call simply, the PS Pod.

Bat Pod front

Now I love Batman and all his geeky gadgets as much as the next bloke, well maybe a bit more than the next bloke. Yet I’m not entirely sure if I’d be Bat enough to blow my nest egg on a BatPod of my very own, especially now that I’m so close to buying my Bat Signal.

As much as my good sense is telling me Pankaj’s purchase should be giggle worthy, the more I’m drawn to sheer awesomeness of parking my rear end in the Bat Bike and flying past you puny humans in your decidedly non super vehicles.

Bat Pod rear

The Homemade Batpod was commissioned from the Custom Bike aficionados at Chopper city USA. All the bodywork is made from metal and the frame is completely custom made. The grunt in the Bat pod comes from a Aprilia Mana 850 which was bought brand new and promptly stripped for parts for the Batpod.

Sadly none of the weaponry works. Sure I know we should keep the automatic weapons away from the crazy folk, but surely there should be special dispensation for Batpods. Some amendment that stops the mounting of automatic weaponry on all vehicles except those vehicles built for the express purpose of imitating the coolest super hero ever. Well if you can make that argument fly, you’ll have my vote.

Bat Pod angleIn addition to complying with the ridiculous laws about mounting weapons on Batpods the guys at Chopper City US also adjusted the seating position, to get it street legal. As cool as the Batpod was I never really got why Batman had to lie down to ride it. If anyone knows please let me know, I would have thought he could have started off prone and then sat up once the Tumbler peeled away from the Batpod. Instead of the silly driver-doing-yoga position this Batpod has a proper Chopper set up, allowing the rider to soak up the envious stares as he rolls on by.

To round the package off the Batpod has two massive 18”x13” wheels that had to be custom made along with specially machined rims each with Batman Logos cut into their centre.

Bat Pod side

This recreation of the Batpod is a real head turner, personally I’d have probably gone with a darker finish, but that’s just me and Batman. Here’s hoping for Pankaj’s bank balance sake There is no Batjet in the upcoming Batman movie.

Until then perhaps he should look into getting this Batman Tumbler Golf Cart for weekends or this Batmobile for kids for the rest of the family to go with the PS-Pod

via: Diseno-Art