Give Your Girlfriend a Real Looking Plush Beating Heart

Lovers can now let their girl friends touch and feel the beats of their heart by gifting them the Plush Beating Heart, a heart which though not real but looks and beats much like a real living heart.

plush beating heart

Although it has hit the market much before the V-day, it still seems to be highly demanded for its perfect heart shape and beating features. As there is no particular season or reason of gifting a girl, guys will find it an amazing thing to get for their girls which have very well been able to replace the most common gifts like chocolates and teddy bear. The Plush Beating Heart is available for purchase currently and its price ranges from $14.99 which may differ based on the shopping sites.

plush beating heart gift

The most striking feature of this beating heart is that it has not been made in that universally recognized heart shape but a real looking heart has been followed for its design. Its red color and the beating factors have fulfilled the remaining criteria as well. It is not that the plush heart keeps on beating like a real heart all the time. The person holding it in his hands will have to shake it a bit and then only can feel and listen to the beats. All about a real heart is tried to be packed in this plush toy except for the blood factor which definitely will spoil the total idea.

For this plush beating heart to keep working and to make it keep beating after every shake, three AAA batteries will have to be fixed in it which generally do not come included in its cost. The person holding the beating heart not only feels the beat but can also hear the beating sound. However, it can also not be left out that the heart beats projected in this plush toy are just very much anatomically correct!

plush beating heart group

The plush beating heart measures 10″ h x 5″ w x 3.5″ and is light enough to be hold by anybody. Not sure, how much more entertained the kids will be while spending their playtime with it, the people in romance, however, will truly love to relate its heart beats to the ones of their beloved. A great thing to say “I Love You” to your lady and remind her that your heart beats only for her and that is too strictly on her commands!!

There are so many plush dolls in the market these days, like Cute Limited Edition Skelanimals Hellboy, Tell Me Your Secrets Bear or Cute Plush Plants but, the Plush Heart is extremely amazing thing.

Via: ThinkGeek