Top 10 Free iPhone Apps for Students

Apple’s revolutionary product, the iPhone, remains a ‘dream come true’ for many of us, including students, who are heading back to school these days. We just thought it would be a great idea to find out a bunch of iPhone apps that would help little masterminds increase their productivity and knowledge, besides putting their phone to some sensible use. And the time seems right, right?

Well, we troubled our dear iPhone a little bit and were successful to handpick some Free iPhone apps (so that your pockets suffer) that will aid a lot in daily life of a student. If you are looking for some more options, then check out the collection of the best iPhone Apps for 2009. Here you go.

My Schedule Lite

My Schedule Lite iPhone app

Time management is essential for students, there is no denying in that and ‘My Schedule lite’ helps a lot in this. Apparently, it’s a free version of the paid app, ‘My Schedule’ and thus, lacks some features but it still does the job. First of all, it’s easy to use and pretty straightforward too. It’s effortless to create and manage tasks, shade colors to them for easy identification, ranking and organizing them all, accordingly. You can even add notes for more comfort so that you remain updated of the progress made with a particular task. There is more to explore but we leave that part for you, you love discovering yourself, don’t you?

Free Graphing Calculator

Free Graphing Calculator iPhone app

Well, you know how much you depend on a calculator. But you don’t like carrying that extra inventory around and when you got an iPhone, you don’t need to, thanks to Free Graphing Calculator. It features a scientific calculator capable of solving all your math needs right on your phone, but what’s so exciting here is that you can view graph of your calculations, as the name of the app itself suggests. You can view graph of 4 equations simultaneously which are well labeled and can be pinched to zoom in/out, too. That apart, there are loads of other functions you can trouble yourself with, like: Unit Converter, Constants for Scientific Equations, Quadratic Formulas and more exploration in Algebra, Trigonometry, Vectors, Vector Calculus, and Classical Mechanics.

So much on the favorite multitouch 3.5 inch screen, you surely won’t want to carry your calculator now.

StudySETS –  Psychology Lite

Study Sets iPhone app

Again, a free version of the paid app. The app aims at making learning simple and convenient for students, in an innovative way. But it’s constrained to one subject, Psychology. Topics range from ‘Conditioning’ and ‘Memory’ to ‘Personality’ and ‘Neuroscience’, as also the directory of common vocabulary and key people, complete with online Wikipedia entries.

Math Ref Free

Math Ref Free iPhone App

Want help with ‘Maths’? Then, this app is for you. Whether you need a formula or are looking for an example to understand a formula you have in hand, it proves very handy. Moreover, it offers you tips too, along with sharing figures of math function or equations for easy understanding. What’s more? It covers huge variety of categories, which are more than enough for you. Maths feels pretty easy now, what do you think?


iPhone App NASA

The name speaks for itself but can’t stop from saying, Wow! what an app. Explore the galaxy right on your mobile’s screen. Visit your stars — favorite or not, tell them a thing or two — or check out what’s launching into space by NASA when, get more info on NASA missions, and share all that on facebook directly. It specifically brings to you, NASA Image of the day, Astronomy picture of the day, NASA Videos and collection of images from Check out bandwidth limits left before you are lost in space. Happy exploring!

GMAT Practice Quiz

iPhone App GMAT Practice Quiz

Oh, this is some serious studies. Are you preparing for GMAT exams? And still want your iPhone to help you a bit, then practice out some quizzes right on your favorite phone with this app. While it could not come anywhere around your solid study material, it’s pretty helpful if you want to test yourself on the Go. Like, while you’re waiting for somebody and wished something for a better time pass, try solving some problems, don’t let time go waste.

Quadratic Master

iPhone App Quadratic Equation

First of all, it’s FREE for a limited time only and has just been updated (July 9, 2010 to be exact). It’s totally focused on Quadratics. Explore as much as you want. I’m not a quadratic guy, so can’t dig too deep into it, but it would suffice to say that it can solve all your basic quadratic needs with graphs. With new settings and features, it’s a must app for relevant people. iPhone App

This app provides award winning (as claimed) training videos from that cover topics from digital photography, graphic design, web and interactive design, business, applications, 3D, audio, and much more. It requires version 3.0 or later on your iPhone. Works for non-members too and is compatible with existing membership at


BrainPOP featured Movie

iPhone App Brain POP

So much on learning and maths, what about some fun? You need that too, No? Lets check out BrainPOP featured Movie, which brings a new animated video each day on topics like Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Technology, Arts & Music, and Health. You can even solve a quiz after watching video, if you got that extra time.

Glow Coloring

iPhone App Glow Coloring

Let’s color out something to freshen yourself up. Just import any image to tether it with with 36 colors on 30 brush types with 6 sizes before saving it. Plus, share it directly from app on Facebook / Twitter or simply mail it. You can also add text messages to your paintings or edited work, for fun or for more info.

So, that was all about Free iPhone apps for students. Let us also know what do you feel about the above collection of apps and what do you want next. Plus, also tell us about apps, that you use or like, and would want to be known to public. Comments are open !!