Use Your iPad as a…Dinner Plate?

I have seen some ridiculous uses for the iPad, but this one beats them all. I’m firmly in the camp that while the iPad is cool for those willing to spend the money, it really is just another Apple toy that doesn’t bring a whole lot more to the industry. Now, feel free to disagree, but also realize that there are people out there using their iPad as a dinner plate for a variety of yummy dishes like sushi, steaks, and of course dessert.

Naturally such an endeavor has earned some ridicule by the (ahem) usually mature and respectful commentator. I’ll let you check out the responses for yourself, but most people are not all that impressed. Personally, I think the exercise provides enough of a shock value to be featured, just like the Gold iPad. I mean really, when you think about it, most owners are terrified that their electronics will be exposed to liquid of any kind. They don’t cover water damage on your phone insurance for a reason, after all. Yet this guy was willing to throw on dumplings and some kind of pastry along with sushi and a few other dishes for the sake of our entertainment. I say bring it on. It isn’t my iPad that’s on the line, and this one is obviously expendable if they’re willing to put chocolate sauce on it.

Given the time and effort and cleanup involved in the process, I think I’ll prefer more practical uses should I ever purchase an iPad. Besides, it is a whole lot safer to play around on this iPad Stand made of pencils or using my iPad Arcade Machine. Not quite as delicious an activity mind you, and of course that still leaves me with the issue of dinner, but a conventional plate will still serve me just fine.

Via: CrunchGear