Be a Part of the Star Trek Crew with the Four-Set Star Trek Original Series Glass Set

They boldly went where no man ever went before. The crew of the starship, Enterprise, traveled through the stark landscape of deep space, and stood by each other as they encountered mysteries and fought off villains.

The original Star Trek was a pioneer in terms of content and characters. It was probably the first American show to have a Russian navigator, a Japanese helmsman, a Vulcan-Earthling first officer, and an African American female communications officer. This multi-cultural crew was managed by the legendary Captain Kirk, made immortal by William Shatner.

If you have followed the show and are a fan of Star Trek, your ultimate dream is probably to be a part of the crew at the Enterprise and follow their adventures. Well..This dream can now come true with a four-pack Star Trek Original Series glass set.

The glass set contains four frosted glasses, on which a character and the Star Trek logo is imprinted. The graphic art on the glass set is of the highest quality and takes you back to the dawn of science fiction and the cold war. So if you ever wanted to share a drink with your favorite Star Trek characters, then this is your chance.

Each glass in the set features a legendary character of the immortal show. The glass is so designed as to reflect the distinct personality and attitude of each legendary character.

Captain James T. Kirk: Bold, adventurous, instinctive, impulsive, but a born leader. Captain Kirk was not afraid of taking risks and led his crew from the front. If you feel bold and adventurous, then drink from the Captain Kirk glass.

Spock: Emotionally detached, logical, and a highly talented scientific officer. Spock was known for his outside perspective on human behavior and mannerisms. If you are in a detached mood, then the Spock glass is the ideal glass to have a drink from.

Uhura: The dark, dusky, extremely sexy communications officer of the Enterprise.  She provided the visual treat to the Enterprise. The Uhura glass is of a similar nature.

Leonard “Bones” McCoy: The passionate physician of the Enterprise. McCoy often essayed the role of Kirk’s conscience. He usually had a counterpoint towards the cold calculating logic of Spock. Drinking from a McCoy glass would seem to suggest that you are in a passionate mood.

Apart from being collectible items, the frosted glass set is an ideal companion from which you can sip your summer drink. Now you can go boldly where no man has gone before with the four-pack Star Trek Original Series glass set. These glasses are available at $14.99.

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