Popcorn Hand Gadget Will Eat For You!

You know, whether it is ribs, potato chips, Doritos, or some other kind of greasy or cheesy snack, I can empathize with people who don’t like getting their hands covered grease or cheesy powder. I’m not exactly OCD about it, but it is a pain to have to constantly wipe off your hands. Well now you don’t have to worry anymore, as this popcorn robotic hand will take the trouble out of your hands (ugh) and make eating buttery popcorn quick and painless!

Now, I can understand some of the commentary about this gadget. After all, it is at best at novelty and at worst completely and utterly useless, but w’ell give you a rundown anyway. You can use the slider on the hand to grab popcorn and move it into your mouth, with the fingers being placed so that they don’t touch the table when you put it down (since you don’t want table germs allover your fake hands, duh).

The hand is cheap all things considered, it’ll cost $8 and will come in 3 different colors when it debuts in October of this year. No word on whether you can get these shipped overseas though. I think they should also work the portion control angle on these, too. After all, who really eats one piece of popcorn at a time? I’d probably make it about 5 kernels in before giving up and taking the greasy hands over the maddeningly slow popcorn eating pace. I think you might also need some thicker skin as your friends laugh hysterically as you pick up each popcorn piece individually. Not nearly as cool as travel assist robots, but hey, some people really, really, don’t want greasy hands.

For some Popcorn laughs, check out the Popcorn Kernal Viral Project seen a few years back.

Via: Crunchgear