Pacman And Tetris Truffles Are Yummy For The Tummy!

If you ever get bored of playing the classics like Pacman and Tetris, there are other things you could do; Why not try eating up your classic favorites? As weird and out of this world I may sound, you yourself tell me what other thing you can think of when you take a look at these Pacman and Tetris Truffles, huh?Pacman And Tetris Truffles Are Yummy For The Tummy! (1)

Pacman And Tetris Truffles Are Yummy For The Tummy! (2)

I don’t know and I don’t care what Anafugi may have been thinking when he/she stumbled upon this idea of making Classic games into truffles, for the outcome has been successful in wooing me…just like the World of Warcraft Truffles. In the Pacman set of truffles, even all the ghosts have been truffllized, and in the Tetris set, all the basic pieces and colors of the game have been made into edible forms.

Well, I don’t know if the user will be baking you truffles on order, but I surely would like to be the lucky guy for whom these have been made for. Also, the greedy geeky side of you wouldn’t like to and shouldn’t miss the Mario Chess Cake and the Xbox 360 Cake which, like the presented truffles, are a delicacy not worth missing.

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