Nokia Kinetic Mobile Phone Concept

Step aside all you regular, dull phones and boring touch phones, because there’s some serious competition in town. Nokia is planning on reinventing itself with the Nokia Kinetic Concept Design. Yes, and even though it is just a concept as of now, it is such a well planned out and executed concept and I promise to astound you.Nokia Kinetic Concept Design (2)

What makes this particular concept of a phone so special, you ask? Well, the Nokia Kinetic Concept Design has an electromagnet that forms the rather chunky base of the handset, so that it can shift its balance so that it can gradually rise or lower itself. This means that when an incoming call or even a text message is detected the device which may have been lying dormant will shift its internal weight and will stand up, quite literally in a vertical position demanding your attention as it responds to notification through movement. Designed by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins, the Nokia Kinetic is ideal for those who are tired of ringtones and are looking for a playful visual clue while using their phone and you just have to tap the phone gently, to reject the call and it will fall back down again and return to standby mode. Hold on, there’s more! Its other features include volume and zoom controls, a camera button and a micro USB connector. With this extraodinary fone, im sure you dont want to miss the Nokia Icon.

Nokia Kinetic Concept Design

I hope this concept will become a reality and hit shelves soon because while using this smart phone, you will not have to lift a finger!

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via: Nokia Blog