Syte iPad Shirt Goes Wherever You Do

I’ve always wondered where most iPad owners keep their device when traveling around. It doesn’t exactly fit into your pocket, ya know? I suppose you have the option of a backpack, but since I don’t generally carry one of those around either, I’d have to put it into my laptop case. This seems a bit redundant since…that’s where I keep my laptop. Well good news, iPad peoples, one clever company has come up with a solution to our (possibly made up) problem. They created this Syte shirt, basically a t-shirt that allows for iPad storage without any additional equipment or manpurses.

So how does this shirt get the job done? Well it is made out of pre-shrunk heavyweight cotton as well as a slit on the inside for sliding your tablet into. If you’re worried about operating your iPad on the go without actually having to take your shirt off, well they have you covered (see what I did there?) too. There’s a window on the front that allows the wearer or anyone else nearby to fully interact with the tablet. There’s also ports for accessing say, a dock connector and/or a 3.55 headphone jack. It better come with all the bells and whistles too, because this baby doesn’t come cheap. Even a small size is going to cost you just shy of $50, so I hope your pockets run deep. Then again, your an iPad owner, what am I worried about.

If you’re looking for other fun ways to carry around your iPad, might I suggest this Space Invader’s iPad Sleeve. Or, if you’re the more stationary type, you could always mount it on an iPad stand made out of pencils. Both of these would likely be cheaper alternatives than this iPad carrying shirt, too.

Via: Engadget