Step Into The Future With The Windows Future Phone

The mobile phones are day by day going just beyond the imagination of people and a feature or a function that you were thinking of finding in a mobile phone in the coming years like in 2015 is already in use today and the Windows Future Phone can be the best instance ever that have been able to marvel just everybody with its amazing collection of features and all advanced technologies.

windows future phone

Although this phone has yet not been released, but the news of its great features and that amazing transparent look it has got, have already created much of the sensation to pave its easy way to the world of mobile phones where already there is a cut-throat competition.

windows future phone 1

The very concept of this latest Windows mobile phone is truly futuristic and that gets reflected from the look of the handset. Is it just a plastic pad or a phone? No, though it looks but thankfully it is not something used by those unseen civilizations living somewhere beyond the space. It is very earthly and the very much revolutionized a concept that has been brought into action by the Windows smart people.

call mode windows future phone

At the first glance, you are sure to be confused because something like this has never before been introduced in mobile phone technology. The makers of this handset have the safety of the ecosystem too in their mind and that is why, you have got to see and may sometimes get to use a mobile phone like this that is completely eco-friendly.

message mode windows future phone

Among the must-naming features of the Windows Future Phone, the intuitive user interface, 3D video calling and the “bend and twist” features of this phone are something that are out of this world and impressively tempting. If there is a rainfall, this phone will love to get wet with you and for text messaging you will just have to blow air on it, wow, that’s interesting!

writing mode windows future concept

At a time, when you are just craving for getting a handset with touchscreen and are marveling at this technology, what is your reaction now after knowing about this mobile phone? By the way, these are just a few about this handset that have till now been leaked and there surely are more to treat people with by the time of launching this phone.

However, people are still in doubt and in spite of the image release of the concept of this handset, many seems to be not believing in these. Well, the launch of the Windows Future Phone is the only thing that is awaited now which surely will be the best tonic to shut everybody’s mouth.

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Via: Realitypod