Funny Collectible Mini Star Wars Cereal Boxes

Collectors sponsors and artists have come together to create a set of sixteen totally unique, collectible mini cereal boxes as free give-aways at the Celebration V collecting Panels in August. These gifts will be available exclusively to the attendees at the panel discussions, each box humorously depicts one of your favorite Star Wars characters on the front. All the artwork for the boxes are completely original and were commissioned specifically for this give-away.

Wookiee Brain Cereal

I don’t know who originally thought of the idea of promoting items on cereal boxes, but deep down in my heart of hearts I’m sure that finally, today, their dreams have been realized. These mini cereal boxes pay tongue in cheek homage to the greatest movie Franchise in history. (if you exclude the police academy movies, of course)

Storm Trooper Cereal

Each mini box comes with a specially commissioned front of box artwork with the rest of the box letting you know more about how to get your grubby paws/tentacles on all 16 boxes. Whether you have a hankering for Wookiee brains or Troop loops to help you kick-start your day there’s a cereal tailor made for you.

Greedo CerealVlix Cereal

I personally love the irreverent handling of this beloved franchise, with the artists squeezing every drop of humour out of the Star Wars characters. Each box is about 4 inches tall and there are sixteen boxes to collect, one for each panel discussion. Only 400 of each box have been made and these boxes will only be made available during the Celebration V Panels. These boxes are completely fan sponsored with the collecting community contributing everything from the concepts to the funding.

Fetties CerealGrap Hutts Cereal

“We are thrilled to announce the exclusive giveaways,” says Lopez. “In addition to listening to fascinating talks and panels by some of the leading experts on Star Wars collecting, attendees will receive collectible cereal boxes based on Star Wars character ‘cereal brands’ highlighting each of the sixteen panel topics.”

Count Dookula Cereal Ackbar Cereal

With these collectible mini boxes you have no excuse for another boring breakfast. Recreate your favorite Star Wars scene or create a back story for why Han Solo and a Storm trooper are sitting across from each other around a breakfast table, and what Princess Leia might have to say about it all.

Han Solo CerealHothsted Cereal

The force is strong in these boxes so be sure to tread carefully while munching on the best chocolate flavored Sith cereal marshmallow bits in any galaxy far far away or closer to home.

Greedo vs Han Cereal

If collecting is not your thing and you won’t be able to make it to the panels how about pulling up a bowl of regular boring cereal and checking out these 19 facts you may not have known about Star Wars