Even Darth Vader Needs an iPhone 4 Bumper

Well if there’s one good thing that has come with all of the ridiculous iPhone 4 reception issues, it is a healthy amount of parody. I’ve seen all sorts of images and videos that like to take Apple’s mishandling of the issue and run with it hilarious ways. One such example, is this Darth Vader iPhone 4 Call video, which is probably how it would really go down if Vader had to call to get his phone fixed. Except for the part where he’d kill this customer service rep through the phone, anyway.

darth vader iphone 4 parody image

The video also does a good job of illuminating other problems in the industry. The mysterios reasons behind some networks being great in some areas and terrible in others with not much overlap between providers. There’s also the (valid) point that while yes, if you’re that fed up with your iPhone 4 you could always return it, much of the competition out there doesn’t really stack up. Still, I’m sure there are plenty of users out there who wouldn’t really mind if AT&T got wiped right off the map, not that Verizon is that much more of a compelling option.

Having worked as a phone rep before, I can empathize with the rep’s plight as well. After all, it is your job to tow the company line, no matter how ridiculous or childish your company’s CEO is being. Just think of the poor guy who has to answer BP’s customer service line. Ouch. Well while you are waiting for your case, there’s plenty of other stuff you can do with your iPhone besides…actually using it as a phone. You could load a racing game and grip your iPhone with Helix, or maybe take some RnR and paint the apps from the iPhone on your nails.

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