Yosion Apple Peel 520: Turning an iPod Touch to an iPhone!

For many of us it’s hard to believe while some are actually very pleased with it. Some are considering it to be a rumor while some passionately believe in the marvels of technology. It wasn’t long ago when we saw the first Apple iPhone and were constantly gazing at its beauty. Gradually, the phenomenon developed and today it is a common affair to roam around with a touchscreen phone. But what we heard and saw today is something that truly is a technological wonder, AND if it’s true well then it can be one of the most selling accessories for the iTouch ever created.

Let’s break the ice – it’s the Yosion Apple Peel 520! Oops you don’t know yet what it is? Allow me to explain. The Yosion Apple Peel 520, as the name indicates, is a peel or a casing more likely for your iTouch but what it can do is actually spectacular. In the trendy way (the way it is being spread all over the internet), Yosion Apple Peel 520 can transform your iTouch to an iPhone! Yup that is something to be astonished about. Did you ever even think that one day you will be able to make calls and send text messages to your friend with your iTouch? If you didn’t then you should because you never know what the next big thing is coming up. For sure we live in an age of surprises.

Anyways let’s get back to the product, the Yosion Apple Peel 520 is uses an Infineon baseband chip. Once it is on your iTouch you can fit in your SIM card and start calling and texting your folks. On the other hand, this jacket or skin or device whatever you call it also has the capability of doubling up your iTouch’s battery by providing 800mAh. What do you get? How about 120 hours of standby time and 4.5 hours of talk time? That surely is a blessing for all iTouch owners. Although, the battery time is not that much still it is better than using your iTouch just for playing music.

I know it’s hard to believe it so why don’t you check out the video below and see it for yourself:

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Via: Tudou