Digital Slingshot: Time to Tag!

Believe it or not, this digital slingshot is one of the most amusing gadgets we have seen this year. Blending a typical slingshot design with modern technology, created a product that is not just amusing to use but also can bring about a huge change in how the advertising industry works today. Who knows ten years from now we won’t be seeing any hoardings but such tags splattered all around the buildings. That’s the thought that pinged my mind when I saw the video but let’s get to the point…

What is the digital slingshot all about?
Designed by a media group in Berlin, this digital slingshot is capable of tagging buildings with digital tags (provided there is a projection system). Yes that is a bit of a disappointment because you can’t go around tagging every other building. However, this is merely the first step towards the creation of the most awesome gadgets of all time. For now, we have to stick to a wooden slingshot integrated with a keypad, laser light and communications radio. Using it is pretty simple – all you need to do is to type in your message, shoot and voila! You have tagged your debtor’s building saying: ‘Hey you gotta pay me!’ Fun right? Well it is actually…check out the video below to see it in action.
But, before getting all excited it’s better to understand how this all works. Basically the slingshot itself is just a radio device or more likely a remote control that is handling a projection screen. When you type in the message and shoot it, it is transferred to the projection screen through the communications radio and your message is displayed there. Well of course the tag won’t stay there forever. It will only be there till the projection screen allows it to be. For one part, it is better than spray painting someone’s wall at least.
This digital slingshot might look like the most fascinating teenager gadget today but don’t worry they cant really tag your wall just like that. And this isn’t a Facebook gadget with which your friends can tag you. It’s just a simple portrayal of how diversified today’s technology is.
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Via: Gizmodo