The Chimera Fetus Sculpture: A Strange But Cool Gift

If you know anything about Greek mythology then you definitely have heard of the Chimera, a great fire breathing monster whose body was the rather grotesque merger of the body of a lioness and the head of a goat with a serpent for a tail.But it seems that for Melita Curphy (or Missmonster as she is known) this just wasn’t weird enough; so she went ahead and created the Chimera fetus, the perfect gift for that quirky Greek mythology fanatic.


The chimera fetus sculpture may not be a very pleasant concept and definitely the kind of gift you would want to open after a heavy meal, but if looked purely from the artistic point of view the Chimera fetus is a piece of art with the heads of the lioness, goat and the serpent clearly distinguishable from each other (even though it’s just a foetus) and the veins adding a very realistic touch to this mythological beast to be. At just 4.5 inches in size the artist could afford to bring in beautiful rustic wooden boxes to place her precious fetuses which; would be by far the coolest part of the gift.


And now the question that would have been plaguing you since the beginning of this post: who would even buy such a gift? Well in all honesty, there may just be a couple of weirdoes out there looking for something just like this (Probably to scare the life out of someone). However if you are looking for something just as weird but not so gross, then check out the pacman and tetris truffles or the Pi shaped ice cubes.