16 Geeky Cufflinks

The cufflink is not just to ‘fasten the two sides of the cuff’ anymore. They now form a vital part of the jewelry collection . No wonder, there are so many in number and form in the market. When the world is so full of geeks, even these tiny cufflinks matter a lot- they voice the better geeks!

1. Transformers Cufflinks

Men’s formals have always been limited in variety; especially when you want to satnd out in the crowd. Forget about trying different shoes and ties- the transformer cufflinks will do what you want.  These 2cm x 2cm creative pieces can literraly transform the way you look.

2. Sesame Street Cuff Links

Bert and Ernie have never bored you; and so will these cute Sesame Street cufflinks. These hand sculpted cufflinks are sure to be a super-hit in your kids’ wardrobe. They are made to order; and hence you can have any reasonable personal touches you want on these. Tagged at $13.00, they are sure to be loved all kids and by anyone who is still a kid at heart.

3. USB Cufflinks

I know that you have seen a hundred different USB designs; but, this one is really rare. Who would have thought of this link- a USB as a cufflink? These USB Cufflinks will let you carry all your important documents wherever you go. A pair of this exotic cufflinks is available for $195.

4. iPhone

When there is a list of everything from cushions to cakes coming in iPhone design, who is going to forget these iPhone cufflinks? The size doesn’t affect the quality of these iPhone cufflinks– with all details crystal clear and 18 intact keys; these are priced at $22.

5. Guitar Hero Controller Cufflinks

Here is a reason for all the Guitar hero fans to rejoice- you can now show your love for the game in the tiniest possible way- through these remarkable Guitar Hero cufflinks. They include all the colored buttons and the fun for your favorite game. Priced at $50, these cufflinks are not just geeky; but stunning in its features as well.

6. Super Mario Bros. Star

This pair of bright, cute yellow star cufflinks from Super Mario Bros will make you the star in every party. The best way to show your sense of fun- with perfection at its best as the cufflinks is handmade from polymer clay.

7. Watch Cufflinks

Men are always passionate about designer watches; so why not have a watch in your cufflinks as well? Ace jewelers have presented this exquisite cufflink-watch combination to please all men. Priced at 195 Euro, they are the best choice to be cool when in style.

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8. Typewriter Cuff Links

The typewriter may have been long forgotten; but not their rustic old look. These classy cufflinks are inspired from the old typewriters. What is more interesting is that, they are handmade and recycled. Let us not forget the old days!

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9. Page Up, Page Down

Tagged at a mere $3.95, these cufflinks are made from original keyboard keys. The significance of the two keys is not that clear; but surely it does have the geeky look that you would want.

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10. Keyboard Cufflinks

These cool Mac keyboard cufflinks are sure to look great with any casuals. Team them up with the geeky chain and keychain and be a spot in your friends circle. Now, these Mac ware are not just for the Apple Mac lovers; but for anyone who wants to be a geek in their style statement as well.

11. Apple Cuff-links

The apple sign have always been in the trends. They are classy and elegant;some even think that they symbolize power. Well, whatever the reason, these apple cufflinks do look cool and geeky in all terms.

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12. Binary

The binary codes are the most common in the digital world; yet, no one has made use of its wide acceptance and classy features in dress codes- except for this. These binary cufflinks are simply too elegant to be ignored.

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13. Math Cufflinks

If you love math, this cufflink might give you sweet nostalgic memories of your schooldays; if you are not good at math, well! Wear these geometric cufflinks instead of the classic every-day ones and be a star in office or any party. Both the compass and the ruler cufflinks look cute yet classic.

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14. Pacman

Yet another pair of cool and geeky cufflinks- these Pacman ghost cufflinks add to the fun of dressing and keep you in trend. Made of plastic, they are not that great looking in texture nor classy; but definitely distinct in pattern and color combinations.

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15. Circuit Board

It is unique, distinct and catchy. What else would a geek want? These circuit board cufflinks are made from old circuit boards and comes in various colors and patterns. The brass cups and resin covering prevent wear and let the cufflinks remain new and geeky always; letting you stay formal yet geeky; always.

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16. Microcontroller

These silver IC cufflinks are sure to be the best gift you can ever hand to any geek.The silver plate carries real microcontroller ICs and have been handcrafted to perfection. A set of two of these cufflinks are tagged at $124.99.

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