Stop Motion Zelda On Paper Gives the Genre a Unique Twist

It looks like some guy who calls himself “Eric Powerup” has created some badass short stories from The Legend of Zelda, told to us in stop motion in a set of stop motion videos. There are 5 in all, and since the title is called “Zelda on Paper,” it lives up to its name. All of the characters are created from construction paper. It reminds me of how a Zelda game would look if they made one along the lines of Paper Mario. Ok maybe a little a more refined than this, but the point stands.

zelda papercraft stop motion image

I think the original author’s reference to South Park’s humor is spot on. The beginning of season 1 starts out with Link stomping around somewhere and killing his fairy guide that was oh so helpful in Ocarina of Time. He then goes on to get eaten by a tree and tries to slaughter a helpless chicken (Spoiler warning here! The chicken wins. The chicken always wins, so let that be a lesson to you as he cannot be defeated). It also does a good of showing us the consequences of cutting down everyone’s shrubs. Well not so much consequences I suppose, but look how sad that poor guy looks. Those shrubs belong to someone, damnit! You can’t just go cutting them down all willy nilly.  Still, it’s an easy way to waste a few minutes of your life and the animation is good enough that you won’t be cringing the whole time. Very little voice acting goes a long way in helping this, too.

Of course as an added bonus there’s also a bit from Metroid where, rather than actually go down there and kill the evil baddies on the planet, nukes the whole thing from orbit. I’m sure it wouldn’t make for a very exciting video game but then,it’s the only way to be sure after all. If you’re interested in checking out some other stop motion video, might I suggest this Super Mario Brothers stop motion clip or some Mortal Combat Stop Motion fatalities. All in good fun.

Via: Joystiq