Cool Inflatable Irish Pubs

If you have ever wanted to visit an Irish Pub or even own one, then here is your chance for the easiest way to do so: get yourself an amazing Irish Inflatable Pub and blow it up!

inflatable irish pub

These cool pubs are the best way to bring the Irish Bar right to your backyard, for a special place in the neighborhood for all your friends to hang out in. Some stand as tall as 8 meters and 15 feet wide and make for a cozy place to get your drink on. Furthermore, they keep close attention to important detail with a fire place, a tiled roof, brick stone wall, two chimney pots and much more. As theAWL mentioned, some of the artwork also includes a dart board, which may be tempting for those drinking and in turn create havoc if actually used. But also, it should be noted that at least fights won’t be breaking any expensive furniture.

inflatable irish bar

If you are one interested in owning your own Inflatable Irish Bar, then you should know that they do run as high as $40,000, but it is still tempting isn’t it?

inflatable irish bar design

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cool irish pub inflatable

irish pub inflatable