Organic Oreos Vegan Soap: Looks, Smells But Doesn’t Taste Like Oreos!

Don’t you feel that with all these fancy shower gels that have invaded the markets the solid, dependable, old soaps have occupied a new place in the background, amidst dusty old unused shelves? Well, now with the Organic Oreos Vegan Soap Design help you fall back in love with these bubbly, self cleansing, delightful bath bars!Organic Oreos Vegan Soap (2)

Just think about it, your favourite biscuits and a soap that looks exactly like that? And what makes this soap even better is that it not only looks like your favourite Oreo biscuits but it even smells like chocolate! Yummy! But don’t you dare try biting into it, because it still tastes like soap! These soaps look sensational, smell tempting and also come along with a creamy, Shea buttery filling. And where size is concerned, these soaps are much larger than original Oreo cookies and are just about the size of a single double stuffed Oreo cookie! Everybody is aware that where beauty and skin care products are concerned it is vital that one goes the natural way and these soaps do just that! These soaps are free of synthetic chemicals, toxins and animal products and as the name suggests, these soaps are handmade and are 100% natural. Owing to the fact that these soaps are handmade, you won’t find these Oreo shaped soaps anywhere else and these soaps are much cheaper than the other soaps available. Tetris Block Soap Sets just makes you play with them.

Organic Oreos Vegan Soap

So, buy these Oreo shaped all natural soaps for just $12, that look like they’ve come straight out of an oven! So now if the pictures are really tempting you to eat, why don’t you try the Pot o’ Gross Stuff Cake, I am sure you are gonna love it. :p