The Unconventional Twist Chair is Interesting

The Twist Chair does not really twist your body. In fact, it is a twist from the usual chair designs that we have come across till date.Conventionally a chair is designed to give support to the back and in some cases the head.

The Twist Chair by Norwegian designer Miray Oktem does quite the opposite. It gives support to the forehead and upper chest of the body.

The basic design of the chair looks pretty simple. There is a small seat. The ‘back’ has a rather large headrest with a rectangular opening. The headrest is joined to the seat by a thick pipe like design. What does seem a little weird is the opening in the headrest. How does one rest the head in an opening? Oktem had a purpose to design it this way.

Consider those times when you work late nights. The next day at work proves to be very exhausting. Working at the workstation becomes tiring. This is just the right time when you need the Twist Chair. This chair has been designed to be used in the opposite way so we sit backwards. What normally is considered to be bad manners is the proper way to sit on this chair. Rest your upper chest on the lower section on the headrest. The upper section is meant to rest the forehead. Once you are in position you will realize the purpose of the opening in the headrest area. Through the opening you can easily view your workstation.

The Twist Chair does not have any arms rest. All you need to do is tilt forwards and comfortably rest your arms on the desk. We often try to get in to such a comfortable position but our conventional chairs do not give us the freedom to do so. When you lean forwards the balance of the chair is maintained as the seat slides on a rail.

In the design of the chair Oktem has given enough space for flexibility. It can be adjusted to the requirement of every individual. The seat can be adjusted up to a height of 600 mm. This allows an almost standing like position. The seat and support angle can be varied from 90 to 135 degrees. Depending upon individual preferences the seat height, support height and forehead height of the chair can be adjusted to give optimum comfort.

Twist chair will bring about that twist in life which has long been awaited. Tiring working positions can now be transformed into relaxing working environment.

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