Walyou Random Roundup [July 31, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup for July 31, 2010 includes Spiderman, Princess Leia, the Millennium Falcon, DC Comics, iPhone 4, Dollar Bill, Toshiba Satelite T235, Sand Sculptures and more. We hope you enjoy your weekend and the Walyou Roundup!

princess leia baby haircut image

1. WTF? Art Of The Day (I Am Bored)

2. Drunk-O-Vision XI (College Humor)

3. The smoothest Walmart shopper ever (The Chive)

4. Hate Awkward Breakups? Why Not Outsource? (Lemon Drop)

5. The Inexpensive yet Stylish Toshiba Satellite T235 (Geek With Laptop)

6. DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Images Surface (Comics Alliance)

7. Spiderman Reboot Audition Outtakes (Funny Or Die)

8. Princess Leia Hairdo Hat for Baby (Neatorama)

9. Awesome White iPhone 4 Skin (Geeky Gadgets)

10. The Life Of A Dollar Bill (Holy Taco)

11. Millennium Falcon Guitar Update (With Video) – It’s For Sale! (URLesque)

12. A Humble Russian Man Presents His CPU Collection (Gizmodo)

13. Coney Island Sand Sculpture Competition (Asylum)

14. Awesome: Flamethrower Vs. Fire Extinguisher (Geekologie)

15. Devon Works Tread 1 (Ask Men)

16. 10 Funny, Weird And Awesome Celebrity Twitter Profile Pics (MTV)