12 Awesome Beer Robots

They say that Beer and Pizza are one of the best combinations ever made, but after seeing some amazing Beer Robots…I think there is a new combo: Beer and Tech. It seems that Geeks can drink after all, and with the different mods, sculptures, and actual released Beer robots, a geek has a new best friend.

So for you Beer lovers out there, here is a great list of the 12 Best Beer Robots that have ever surfaced that could probably drink you under the table and still continue serving you a beer. Some are actually made to serve and pour you beer while others are just decorative robots to remind Geeks how much they also love getting drunk.

R2D2 Heinekn Robot

r2d2 heineken beer robot sculpture image

The R2D2 Heinekn Robot is just a sculpture but would definitely make a Star Wars geek salivate…for R2D2 and beer simultaneously.

Bender Keg Cooler

bender beer keg cooler image

Futurama fans would freak at the Bender Keg Cooler for the famous Bender is finally honoring us with its presence after hours and helping to keep our Beer cold.

Heineken Bot

heineken beer robot image

For a more interactive feeling in the bar, combined with tech, the Heineken Beer Bot is a great choice. This robot was developed by Middlesex University and as long as you place a cup in the holder, it will serve you the beverage it offers. Sounds simple enough for a geek!

Automated RoboBar

robobar beer serving robot image

If you want throw a party and instead of having a bartender pour the drinks, you would rather have a quicker and more efficient solution, then the Robobar provides an awesome solution. Since the entire bar is run by drink serving robots, you could feel good knowing that drinks are made properly, no overspills or waste is created, and that in the end…the guests would come back to the party. Lastly, you could even choose the gender of the Bartender’s face seen on the Robot Monitor.

Chassis Beer Pouring Robot

beer pouring robot chassis image

This Robot was given a name, Chassis, and after some modifications and design job, you finally see the end result of a retro looking Robot that was made for the only purpose of serving beer. It is currently remote controlled but is being worked on to become automatic as well. Personally, sounds like a perfect robot.

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Wired’s Beer Robot

beer robot iphone wired image

Wired has had their own Beer robot built and it looks half vending machine half iPhone. Unfortunately, it does not serve beer automatically, so in the end, it is like a redesigned Beer tap.

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Beer Fetching Robots

pr2-beer-robot image

A PR2 Humanoid that not only fetches your beer, but as long as it is available in your fridge…will get your favorite one. The Beer Fetching Robot sounds just right!

beer robot robovie pc image

Created by Vstone robotics company and the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, the Robovie-PC is not made just for the purpose of fetching your Beers but has actual abilities, communication and PC connectivity. Among the features it should be able to perform is to get you that beer when you do not want to leave your computer.

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Asahi Beer Robots

asahi beer robot image

Here are two versions of the Asahi Beer robot. The first one is actually called Mr. Asahi, and it was built by 8 engineers and over 200 hours to create a one of a kind Beer serving bot. It is able to both open Beer bottles for guests as well as actually pour a perfect Pint for those who prefer draft.

beer robot robocoo image

The second one is known as Asahi Robocoo and is a gem in itself. This particular Beer robot has a fridge as its belly that can hold up to 6 cans of beer. When requested, Robocoo will both open the beer and pour it nicely for you. The only problem is the time it takes this Robot to do its job. You would probably need to request a new glass when you are only halfway done with your first.

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Serv’o Beer Robot

beer robot servo beer image

An awesome homemade Robot of a Geek who loves his beer. It was constructed using a servo and a mechanical platform, and utilizes the iPhone to do the beer pouring.

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Student Beer Robot Server

beer robot serves and pours image

It is no surprise that Students have actually made this Beer bot which ends up grabbing the beer bottle, opening it and pour it into a very large cup. It is a neat trick, but who will actually wait so long to grab a drink?

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