Extend Your Desktop With XD300 Xpress Docking Station

Connecting a laptop to other peripherals has gone easier now as a universal docking station, the XD300 Xpress Docking Station has come into action allowing people to watch and enjoy videos just by transferring the images displayed on the laptop screen to multiple displays.

XD300 Xpress Docking Station

So, this docking station will soon be of great help to all those who always wanted to watch the video of his small computer screen on bigger screens. The best feature of this docking station is that it lets the images support resolutions up to 1600 x 1200. Available at a cost of just $89.99, the XD300 Xpress Docking Station is a perfect driver for people who want to get dual screen support for their laptop.

XD300 Xpress Station

The notable factors about this docking station are quite many for which it possesses every quality of surpassing all other prevailing docking stations of the market. The features sported by the XD300 Xpress Docking Station include 4 high speed USB Ports, integrated VGA Port with 15 pins, ports for audio and microphone cord and 10/100 Ethernet Port.

This docking station is pretty convenient for supporting the image on other screen resolutions. There is hardly any limitation in the support of the resolutions and these ranges from a minimum of 640 x 480 pixels to 1600 x 1200 pixels. The image quality remains truly clear and bright without any blurred results and dark spots.

XD300 Xpress

The system requirements for using the XD300 Xpress Docking Station are quite minimal and the buyers can enjoy flexibility in its use. The laptop to be connected through this docking station but it needs to have Windows Operating System that can be anything including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista Basic (32/64 bit) or even the latest Windows 7 (32/64 bit). That sounds truly relieving and indicates universal usability of the driver as hardly anybody has any Operating System in their laptop other than the Windows. Another thing required for using this docking station is a USB 2.0 Port and this again is a very commonly found USB port in laptops. The only thing that the user will have to mind is that if he uses tablet PC then there are chances of this driver not working as it is not compatible with certain Tablet PCs.

So, now you will only need to connect all your peripherals and your display to the Xpress Dock and inset the USB cable to your notebook and then you are all set to extend your desktop! The XD300 Docking station runs for only $89.99.

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