Cool Star Wars Characters Monster Bobble Heads

Star Wars is certainly one of the few rare movie series in this world which has managed to generate its craze to such an incomparable extent and it’s just getting better and better; this is quite evident from it’s numerous movie merchandises, toys, clothing, etc and now they are back in the form of Bobble Heads but with a twist of monster touch.Darthenstein


These Star Wars Monster Mash-ups Bobble Heads are a cool combo of your favorite Star Wars Characters and Classic Monsters where Darth Vader and Frankenstein are mashed up as a bobble head (Darthenstein), Yoda has been fused with gargoyle (Yodagoyle), the Stormtrooper has teamed up with skeleton (Skeletontrooper) and Chewbacca with Werewolf (Werebacca)! Each Bobble head Monster Mash up is 6-inches tall, all set to bring you some spooky sci-fi fun, making it a perfect treat for all the Star Wars Fans! So flaunt your Star Wars love with these unique fusions and you can own all the bobble heads, all you need to do is shell out $12.99 for each Bobble Head!


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