Cool Super Soaker Marvel Water Blaster For Marvel Fans!

Marvel Comics has definitely succeeded in making us a victim of its wonderful creations for decades! All fans just can’t get enough of their amazing super heroes.

Well, here is a 3 in 1 pack of Super Soaker Marvel Water Blaster to give you a marvel-ous happy summer water warfare!Super Soaker Marvel Water Blaster

The Super Soaker Marvel Water Blaster comprises of 3 water Blasters in a single pack, featuring your favorite Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Iron Man! The Water Blasters have bright colorful graphics and are available for age group of 6yrs and above, making it a perfect family toy! So, now you can have a happy time playing with water amongst your family members or even your friends and let your scorching summers be a bit cooler and Marvel-ous! You can grab this cool 3 in 1 pack Super Soaker Marvel Water Blaster at just $16.99 and have a great time!

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