Enjoy the spook-fest with the new Hannibal Lecter Mask!

All those who were inspired by Anthony Hopkins’s character in Hannibal and wish you could turn up in your scary best at the next costume party or Halloween night, can now get their hands on the latest Hannibal Lecter Mask.

Hannibal-Lecter-Mask 3

Made up of a brown plastic mask that wraps the full length of the face leaving the top portion of the cheek bones, eyes, and head exposed, it has small plastic bars, lines the mouth portion and there are small breathing holes throughout. So for all those who think Batman, cat woman, genie et all have had their share of fame and want to turn up for a party with a mask that no one has thought of, then the Hannibal Lecter Mask is what you need and sure enough, it can’t get any more authentic than that!


Though a little over priced in the mask segment at $30, this sure is as real as it get and being complimented for the unique mask does overshadow the slight pinch in pocket while buying it. So go ahead and get yourself one and enjoy the spook-fest!

Hannibal-Lecter-Mask 2

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Hannibal-Lecter-Mask 1