I am Batwing: 1989 Batman Batwing Replica

This Batman 1989 Batwing Limited Edition replica won’t exactly fit on your utility belt, but it’ll look awfully sweet on your mantelpiece.  Based on the original film models designed for Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman, this replica soars towards superhero cool without looking back.

This replica doesn’t come with miniature Michael Keaton on Jack Nicholson – and it may not clean up crime – but the detailed replica is one of the only 500 pieces made.  You can take pride in the fact that this replica is a unique collector’s item – and rest assured that you don’t need a pilot’s license to own it neither a Batcave to park it in.

The Batwing replica is a scale model created out of fiberglass that features LED cockpit, two front-facing LED headlights and two amber LED landing lights.  Need a place to keep it?  The model comes with a Bat-symbol display stand that props your very own Batwing up as though it were soaring off for a rendezvous with the Joker.  Need to brag about its authenticity?  The designs are taken from the original model and based on custom molds.

The replica falls in line with some of the cooler Bat-Fan items, like the Batman and Joker figures we featured a while back.  Granted, it’s not as geeky as the Batmobile remakes that some fans have invested a wealth of time and energy in.  However, if you’ve already customized your Ford Escort into a de facto Batmobile this item may be a great addition to your collection.

Overall dimensions are 14 inches in height, 27 ½ inches in width and 23 inches in length.  Granted at $1499 you may have to be Bruce Wayne just to afford the replica.  Only Gotham’s fearless crime-fighter knows how much the real thing costs.  Granted, money never was an object for Mr Wayne.