Racepresso for Lovers of Speed and Caffeine!

Speed! In a way this one word is the essence of modern life – digital revolution has increased the speed of communication and data transfers, life itself is fast, we race against deadline and its all about speed.

The word ‘Speed’ also reminds us of Schumacher and his racing Ferraris and of course geeky racing games and even an instant quick espresso coffee available all over the world can be example of speed! Probably these connections between speed, racing, Schumacher, Ferrari and Espresso has inspired designer IIgar Rustamov to create this cross design Racespresso machine– its an espresso coffee machine fitted inside helmet flauting brands!

racepresso coffee machine1

Racespresso is an interesting design and quite misleading one too. Maybe the designer also wants to imply that coffee machine is very portable like helmet and Ferrari brand signature on it is symbolic of  both style and speed.

racepresso coffee machine2

Coffee lovers and racing geeks will simply love this helmet that hides an espresso machine! Such elements of surprise do break monotony and add cheer even to a boring cup of coffee.

racepresso coffee machine3

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Via: Yanko Design