Soccer Robots Appraised At The Robocup 2010

Robots are about to take the place of humans very soon as new gradual developments in the robot world is telling us. The RoboCup 2010 held in Singapore were much to their astonishment as all players of the world cup soccer are robots.

robocup 2010

There is just a lot more for one to see, to wonder and to rejoice as the movements of these robots, in many situations, are beyond anybody’s imagination. Even though the real World Cup soccer that was held this year shadowed the real fun and promotion of this one-of-a-kind soccer game, those who have been lucky to watch the game were much delighted. All types of robots, right from the smaller ones to the bigger ones and the tiny ones scrolling on wheels to the humanoid bipeds were seen in action in this event.

Even though you cannot expect these robots to make as quick and tricky moves as that of Beckham’s or Ronaldo’s on field, these too are experts in scoring goals, leaving behind opponents, deceiving the goal keeper and even in cheering up after pushing the ball towards the goalpost. The RoboCup organizers have even challenged and claimed that these Robots are going to play and even win over the best human soccer team by the year 2050. That definitely is still in doubt but the great work done by the robot makers has to be appreciated. They were able to mirror the future prospects of the robots through this world cup.

The power of catching the movement of an object, the ball in this context, towards it and immediately reacting to it by either blocking the ball or by kicking it have shown how well-designed and technically perfect the development of these robots were. The notable factor is that none of the robots are human controlled and these play autonomously on the field. That means, there is no human mind behind the robots while making a strategy, planning a kick, pushing the ball towards a particular direction or deceiving the opponent who is chasing the player.

Finally, speaking about the RoboCup 2010, the winner was the German team Darmstadt Dribblers, also the winners of the last year’s event, whom defeated the FUmanoids, another German team. Though the robots were a bit slower in moving forward and making goals because of their tiny steps, it was all great fun, full of exciting moments and totally worth paying for the tickets!

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Via: Singularityhub