Roboscooper Reminds One Of Wall-E

Robots always have a good impression on people as they are most likely made to lessen human labor. Thus, making them very attractive to all humans, which is again to be proven by the Roboscooper, a small robot introduced by the Robotics Company WowWee.


A very cute Wall-E like robot that will both help and encourage its master to work and stay clean. The look of this Roboscooper reminds me of the wonderful robot showcased in the movie Wall-E. Although the Roboscooper has not hit the market yet, it’s already out for pre-order at such a low cost of $70 which is encouraging enough to attract more customers. There are lots of good things about this sweet little gadget, but yes, there are drawbacks as well. It can work well on your command and through a remote control but it cannot hold things weighing more than one ounce.

The Roboscooper has many attractive features. It has the capacity of spotting objects up to 1 foot away, comes loaded with sounds and fun phrases and is available in two modes –  remote controlled and working autonomously. Some features of the robot includes a 6 wheeled design to roll over, detection of things found on its way, picks things up by its hands and dumps those into a tiny flatbed fixed on its back, drives in multiple directions, and ability to avoid obstacles that may block his way.

With fun phrases loaded in it, it can ask its master to start working and to feel the charm of a clean world. The Roboscooper works amazingly in encouraging humans to get to work and stay clean. Even though the idea or concept was good, the success of this robot in the market is still in doubt because of its limited weight capacity, which is no more than a very light pack of potato chips. There can hardly be anything other than a piece of paper or a plastic bag that the Roboscooper can pick up to help its master clean up. Another drawback  of this little thing is its slippery hands that have no grip to hold objects. So, the problem is you may not get things done by this cute Roboscooper but is terrific for a showpiece or a gift to your kids – as it resembles a lot of Wall E, runs on wheels and can be controlled using a remote!

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