Deluxe Master Chief Halo Mask Has All the Bells and Whistles

With the new HALO Reach game set to be released in the next few months, you might be wondering what you can do to pass the time until the game finally arrives.

Well, you could always dress up like the Master Chief and stomp around in all his glory with this Deluxe Master Chief Halo Max. You know you want to!

This officially licensed piece is (obviously) based on the protagonist from the smash hit series HALO. Looking over the pictures it appears to be intricately detailed, with some authentic battle damage look provided by scrapes and occasional dents on the helmet. LED search lights (standard procedure these days for your average Master Chief costume) are also attached to either side. In terms of size it is designed to fit “most adults” so you might want to check with the manufacturer if you have a pin sized or fatty fat head. Even if you don’t decide to go as Master Chief to next year’s Comic Con, you always have the option of keeping it around as a display. As the site says this is a fine piece of “pop culture” memorabilia people! Get it while its hot!

Now if you’re looking to start your own Red Vs Blue live action series, I’m sorry to dissapoint you. Currently the mask is only available in military green, or the standard color you’ll see Master Chief stomping around in during the series (except for ODST, but he wasn’t there…HALO without Master Chief is blasphemy!). Given the detail and solid construction, you’d expect the helmet to have a fairly high price tag, and you’d be correct. The helmet will run you about $115.00 plus shipping, so be sure to brace your wallet before pulling the trigger on this one. You might look quite as flashy as this animatronic halo elite costume, but we don’t all have a few grand to drop, ya know?