Reach Home Soon With Kisai LED Traffic Watch

Traffic jams will soon drop-off until no one will give a damn to them as the Kisai’s LED “Traffic” watch, a revolutionary watch that has made its way to the market to give its users access the full map of roads by suggesting the easiest way to reach a destination without getting trapped in those long hours of aching jams.

Kisai LED Traffic Watch

Each feature packed in this watch is designed to highlight the routes to a particular destination that you are heading on. It will only take very little time and effort to understand the features of this watch. The rest will depend on your hands and the car steering. Everything that falls on your way like the flyovers, underground ways, intersections and by–passes can be tracked by it. Packed with two-in-one qualities; it will tell you both the time and the route that you should pick and that is all just for a cost of $169.73.

The watch has particular ways of denoting things; the hours 1-12 are used to denote the streets and these are shown in blue, the 1-4 single minutes show the highway located out of the town in green where you can pick up a ride, and the 5 minute intervals are used for depicting the subways and orange color is used for flashing that. So, every time you need to know anything about the routes or thinking of changing your route and taking the highway whichever falls near you, then you will only have to press the button of the watch once. At one press only, the route maps in particular colors will flash for seven seconds.

Every specification of the Kisai’s LED “Traffic” watch keeps the capacity to leave the user impressed as these are really well-designed and well-executed. It comes in a very dashing and striking case made of stainless steel with strap to wear it on wrist like other ordinary watches. The straps of the watch can support a wrist circumference of at least 130 mm up to 200 mm. The LIR2032 battery used in the watch is rechargeable with up to 300 charges and one full charge of 3.5 hours makes it work for at least 1 month. Another striking factor is that this watch has LED animation option as well that can be turned ON and OFF by the user.

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