Logitech G50 – It’s not a mouse…it’s a hand!

The Logitech G50 Vanguard expands gaming horizons by offering an impeccable design. Comfortable, sleek, hi-tech and just exactly the gaming device any gamer would want, is what the G50 Vanguard is all about. The best part is once you have this mouse or ‘hand’ on your table, your friends would definitely be drooling over it while you’re busy shooting those zombies off!

Why did I use the term ‘hand’  here? Well that’s the most amusing part of it all – it’s time we should start calling it ‘hand’ instead of mouse because the Logitech G50 Vanguard has defined the product from a totally new angle. What was once called a mouse is now in the shape of a hand so why not call it hand? It’s more comfortable and can save you from a plethora of issues that the conventional mouse brings. Most of our readers may now wonder why exactly they felt the need to revamp the whole thing. First of all, it’s not just to give the mouse an attractive look. They did so to save users especially gamers who spend hours using those conventional mice from the risks of getting Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). This particular mouse is designed in such a way that users can comfortably use it for hours without experiencing any problems.

The mouse comes with a number of buttons merely because it is a gaming mouse. Now because it is called a gaming mouse, it does not mean that normal users should stay away from it. Anyone who wants to use a comfortable mouse can buy this spectacular device.

Oh yes no need to worry because you also get a scroll wheel on it. With a new product comes new concepts and so the scrolling wheel shifts down towards the thumb keeping area and is modified to be a scroll tracker. Don’t worry it has the same functionality in fact it does a better job than the traditional mouse wheels. In total there are around 11 buttons on the mouse, all spaced in the ergonomic way.  If you further want to add the mappable function to the ‘hand’ well then the total number of buttons will be 23. But hey don’t worry, the number of buttons doesn’t really matter as long as the mouse is comfortable to use and this is why the Logitech G50 becomes the best ever mouse to use.

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Via: Yanko Design