Lego Robot Can Follow You Upstairs

I always thought of wheeled robots as a bit of a non-threat. I mean at the end of the day all you need to do is find a staircase and hope that they can’t bring the whole building down.

That plan seems pretty simple right? Well no more! No one is safe once they become self-aware now, thanks to this Lego NXT Mindstorms stairclimbing robot. Well, I just like to call him stairclimber, for short.

The original post says the robot “looks suspiciously like the illegitimate buttchild of Johnny 5 and WALL-E.” First of all, just wow, I wouldn’t have gone there, but the guy is a bit funky looking. Judging from the video, which runs about 4 minutes long, he may be able to climb the stairs, but if you can move faster than a turtle trying to climb up there, you should be okay. Climbing stairs yes, speed, not so much.

He does have a few wobbly moments, particularly when heading back down his little staircase example. Balance is a funny thing for robots, I guess, I thought he was going to tumble forward. I’d like to see how he does with something a little steeper, or with a crazed civilian throwing shoes at him while he climbs up the stairs in pursuit. One well placed Nike is all its going to take, people. Robots really are showing up everywhere these days, from soccer playing robots to beer robots. Best to be prepared for the end.

Via: Geekologie